My Journey
“Life without fortune is tough but living without privilege made me tougher”

One of the major problems that every family encountered these days is that they don’t have enough money to send their children in school. And my family is one of those families who don’t have enough to send their children in school. After I graduated in high school I stopped for 1 year since we don’t have money to pay for the tuition fee until my teacher in high school helped and provide my tuition fee so that I can go to school. In my 2nd year college I become a scholar of the Governor which they give 3,000 pesos for the tuition fee every semester which is not enough since the tuition fee that time is almost 5,000 pesos so it’s another problem for my family. Until 2nd semester of my 2nd year college came, I became a scholar of Paaralang Pantao with the help of one of the teacher there (Ate Riza). Which the scholarship program is not about giving tuition fee, allowances or providing our financial needs but the scholarship program is about giving opportunities to each and everyone to showcase their existing skills, to acquire and gain knowledge from their colleagues, to socialize
with other people especially Japanese people, to act as a volunteer and render service to the community and also they teach us to “Be the best version of our self” and also
we do have the chance to join seminar for teachers which really great experiences and opportunities for us. They gave us also chance to improve of English communication
by providing English proficiency workshop. There is also Values Formation where in you can learn and acquire different values that can help you for personal growth. They
provide also Language and Cultural Exchange where in we can learn Japanese Language and they also have study tour where in we can socialize and interact with
Japanese people. All of these opportunities and chances is really a big help for us to become what we want to be in the future, these are one of a kind experience that
everyone can treasure because we’re not only gaining knowledge and learning but we can make friends and create a lot of memories with them. For the past 2 years and half
of being a scholar, I can say that they made me what I am right now. This is not possible without their helped and also without the helped of our dear sponsors. I have
a lot of experience that I can treasure throughout my life. Being a scholar of Paaralang Pantao is a great privilege for me because I learned a lot from them, they let
me experience that is really one of a kind, and they made my dream possible with the help of you our dear sponsor. I have lots of memories that I will keep in my heart

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to everyone behind this success.

First, To My Dear Sponsor, Thank you so much for accepting me as one of your scholar, Thank you also for sponsoring my study, for providing all my needs, for letting me experienced all of these. Thank you for supporting and for giving this opportunity. No words can describe how much thankful and grateful I am right now. Thank you for everything, saying thank you is not really enough for all of what you’ve done and for all the chance you give. This couldn’t be possible without your help. I hope to see you soon so that I can tell how lucky and grateful I am and to personally say thank you for helping me.

Second, To our Program Director Mr. Jaycoben and Mrs. Catherine Reyes, Thank you so much Ma’am and Sir for accepting me as one of your scholar. Thank you for all the advices, motivation, words of encouragement, support, understanding and care. Sorry also because sometimes we’re hardheaded but still you always support us. Thank you for letting me experienced all of this, thank you for giving me this opportunity and chance. This is no possible without your help.

Third, To our Scholarship Adviser Ms. Marilyn Reyes, thank you so much Ma’am Babes for everything for motivating everyone of us, for giving word of encouragement, for always supporting us, for keeping an eye to everyone and also for understanding because we always make mistakes but you’re always there to give advices to correct what we did wrong. Thank you Ma’am.

Fourth, To my fellow scholars and teachers, Thank you for believing that I can and I will. Thank you for always encouraging me that I can do and finished all the things that I need to finished. Thank you so much for the memories we had that I can treasure throughout my life.

And lastly, My Japanese Friends, Thank you for all the memories we had, all the laughter, the happiness and the bonding we had that makes my college life really enjoyable and interesting. Hope to see everyone soon.

My college life isn’t boring because I’m enjoying what I’m doing, happy to served the kids, happy to helped them and share what I have. Paaralang Pantao is one of my stress reliever when you see that they are smiling it makes me think that there’s always a reason to move forward, just enjoy life keep going struggles are always there. We can’t say that we are successful unless we are contented and satisfied on what we have. And now I am certified degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management and this isn’t possible without your help. Thank you so much. Every one of you is a wonderful gift of God to me. And I am blessed to have you and met you.

“Success is not measured by having a lot of money, by being famous and by having a lots of things but success is about the happiness inside, the contentment, satisfaction of oneself and the fulfillment inside you”